Custom Designs

Custom Designs

We made these 4 ft wide geese for a home on Lake Champlain. Also part of the geese project was the 24” goose with house number.

We made these four designs for a woman who wanted one for each of her children and their families. We were given some information about each family, then designed these, received the clients approval, cut them and finished them with a clear matte powder coat for durability outside.

Custom 3D sign for waiting room of a local dentist. The owner came to our studio and designed this with us.

This custom sign was made for our client’s camp.
We designed this Hamsa symbol as a wedding gift. The meaning of the Hamsa Hand and its interpretation varies from culture to culture, but it is always a positive and peaceful symbol that provides protection for its owner. The symbol is generally associated with a female entity that provides protection and strength, but it can also symbolize the Hand of God.

This custom welcome sign was made for the client’s camp. 16 gauge steel with clear matte powder coat.
Every Farm Has A Story – We made this sign for the client to celebrate his new farm. Black matte powder coat finish for durability outside. 46″ x 22″
Our wonderful vet clinic had us make this sign for their front office.16 gauge steel finished with clear protective spray for durability. 46″ x 22″
This custom horse, cat, dog rack was made for the tack room in a barn. Black matte powder coat finish for durability. 24″ long x 10″ high.
We made this custom towel rack for a dragonfly lover who wanted something special in her bathroom. Individually hand colored using a torch and finished with clear gloss powder coat for durability. 22″ long x 7″ high.
We are both honored to be mentors at our local middle school and were especially honored when we were asked to make this sign for the mentoring office. Black matte powder coat finish for durability. 24″ x 24″
We made this for a client whose husband is a beekeeper. Black matte powder coat finish for durability outside. 12″ x 22

Our clients wanted a Tree of Life as big as we could cut for the front of their home. We used a heavy 11 gauge steel for durability and cut a 46” diameter. The first picture shows us after the piece was cut but not cleaned up. The second picture is after the piece was cleaned and ground on both front and back and finished with a black gloss powder coat to make it durable for outside. The last picture shows the finished piece at its new home.

Hackett Sign

The client took a picture of their home, converted it to a black and white jpeg image and sent it to us. We then made some edits per the client request, cut the piece and it was finished with a matte black powder coat finish making it durable for outdoors. They then mounted it to a rock at the top of their driveway.

Maple Custom

Heat treated color- This piece was made for the front of the client’s home. It is 18” wide x 24” high. Brian did his unique grinding work to make the piece look dimensional then Carmel used an acetylene torch to heat the steel to achieve the luscious golds, blues and purples. The heat coloring process took close to an hour. The design was then finished with a clear powder coat to make it durable for outside.

A family came to us at a craft show and asked if we could make a custom welcome sign for their home. We used a special font and incorporated their pets per the customer’s wishes.

This piece was given as a wedding present. It is finished with a black matte powder coat finish which makes it durable for outside. The design is 15″ x 7.5″.

Our clients asked us to make this plaque in memory of their beloved dog. We used heavier 11 gauge steel as this was to be mounted outside and to rust naturally.

Our client asked us to make this for her friend who suffers from a chronic illness in the hope that it would brighten her days. We were honored to make this and especially appreciate the client’s idea to heat color just part of the design.